Patient Testimonials

  • Ariel

    Best Doctor I have ever seen. I come in and out of my appointment in 30 min. My back feel so good.

  • Wendy

    The office staff was very professional and caring . the x-ray techs were nice and made me feel comfortable in the x-ray room. I love the the doctors bedside manner and concern about my health concerns. he fully explained my condition and his staff advised me as to how I can improve my condition. they all get A's in my book.

  • Steven B.

    After being stabilized at an out of town hospital, Dr Esses team was the only office from a list of about 10 who not only could get me in timely but who was willing to work with unique circumstances. his team worked quickly to the care needed.

  • Sandra W.

    Great doctor been coming for may years everyone who works are great people. I enjoy the visit each time I come.

  • Eric S.

    Dr Esses and his team are amazing. He seemed to intuitively know exactly what the diagnosis would be, but confirmed it with an MRI. Then, before recommending surgery he recommended a more conservative treatment (an epidural steroid injection). The steroid injection provided only very minor relief, so the next step was surgery (or potentially years of pain). We discussed the options. I had never had an IV even, but Dr E and his team were so knowledgeable it really put me at ease, it made sense to proceed with surgery. The day of surgery the surgical team (I think six different people) all introduced themselves, and told me what they would be doing during the surgery. These were a bunch of smart, capable people, I knew that I would be well taken care of. Once I was prepped, the PA came on: "Green Light Dr. Esses" - it was time. They wheeled me into the OR; I remember it being impeccably clean and very modern looking, and just as I was able to make that assessment, I was out. I woke from surgery, and immediately noticed that ALL of the nerve pain in my leg was gone, replaced with pain around the incision from surgery, pain that will go away as the incision heals. I went from not being able to tie my own shoes to having NO PAIN. Since then Dr E and his team have been easily accessible and very helpful, recovery from surgery is going well, I'm ecstatic about the results.

  • Camryn P.

    the atmosphere in Dr. Esses inviting and welcoming everybody is helpful and friendly very professional. Dr. Esses is very knowledgeable.

  • Shonda P.

    My experience here has been excellent. The nurses and Dr is very prompt with service. They treat each individual patient with respect. I also like that the Dr is trying to find ways to help manage my pain other than just medication.

  • Kasey J.

    I am very pleased with the treatment and care by Dr. Esses and his staff. I was scared to see a surgeon, but they made me feel comfortable. I will definitely recommend Dr.Esses to anyone needing assistance. -Happy Patient.

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Stephen I. Esses, M.D.

Spine Surgery, Bone & Joint Surgery

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